In today's world, it is very difficult for a Classical Musician to finance their study. With Tuition Fees of up to £9,000/yr (not including Living Costs) to study at Conservatoire, it is incredibly expensive to pursue musical dreams.

Elliot came from a low-income background and as a result, relied heavily on benefactors and patrons to support him throughout his musical education.

He wishes to acknowledge and thank below the various People, Patrons, Charities and Scholarships which made his studies possible.


Scholarships and Awards

The Anatole Mines Award

The Henriette Schoeller and Harrison Elt Award

The Douglas and Hilda Simmonds Award

The Freda Dinn and Ida Mabett Award

The ABRSM Gold Award




The Pebble Trust

The Kenneth Loveland Trust

Mary and Jeremy Kemp

The Parents of St Aubyns School

The Spies Family


Crowdfunding a Viola

Listed below are people who donated towards Elliot's successful project to raise funds for a New Viola on the Crowdsourcing Website (formerly known as 'PleaseFund.Us'). The project eventually raised a phenomenal £3,062 through online donations, and a further £2,400 through subsequent gifts- a total of £5,462 towards the £6,000 purchase price of Elliot's 17" David Milward Viola (made 1995).

Elliot wishes to thank the people below for their generous contributions:


    The Viola itself - a 1995 David Milward instrument, 17" back length.

    The Viola itself - a 1995 David Milward instrument, 17" back length.

    • Anoush Eshghi-Pour
    • Aina Turull Mallofré
    • Alexandra Turner-Piper
    • Ali Stevens
    • Amanda Clapham
    • Andrew Roland
    • Andrew Saunders
    • Eleanor Biegstraaten
    • Christa Levko
    • Dana Kovarik
    • David M. Bynog
    • Elaine Patience
    • Eleanor
    • Elijah Spies
    • Frauke Dinglestadt
    • Rowan Teasdale
    • Hannah Adjepong
    • Hannah Bending
    • Helen Mather
    • Ian Wilson
    • Jessica Clenshaw
    • Elizabeth New
    • Luciano Baldauf
    • Mary Kemp
    • Mary Morley
    • Miriam Ferris
    • Laura Rando
    • Oriol Lòpez Calle
    • Parents of St Aubyns
    • Sarah Saward
    • Peter Gross
    • Priti Barua
    • Rachel Batchelor
    • Rohan Sherrard
    • Ros Hanson-Laurent
    • Ross Cohen
    • Sarah Fuggle
    • Sian Brace
    • Sophia Bartlette
    • Simon Schmid
    • Slapin-Solomon Viola Duo
    • Tiffany Ebrey
    • Rosanna Rolton
    • Daniel Sawler
    • Tim Corner
    • Toni York


    Gracious thanks are required to all of these generous individuals for helping make Elliot's dreams a reality, and assisting in the purchase of a world-class instrument.

    Elliot also had donations sent to him from all corners of the world (via alternative methods to the crowdfunding project). Below are other organisations and people who deserve thanks for their generosity: