Musician Fixing Services

Ranging from Orchestral Musicians, to ensembles for weddings, if you need players for whatever the reason then Elliot can help you.

Finding the best Classical Musicians for your event doesn't need to be difficult. Professional musicians and ensembles of all sorts are always available, ranging from string quartets to harpists, from soloists to pianists.

Elliot sources his contacts from London Conservatoires (such as the Royal College of Music), ensuring that you will find world class musicians who are experienced, enthusiastic and sympathetic to the difficulties of planning events such as weddings, orchestral concerts, chamber music deputies, functions, b'nei mitzvot and many more.


In terms of ensembles for functions, Elliot can fix for you:


  • String Quartets
  • String Trios
  • String Duos
  • Solo Violinists, Violists and Cellists
  • Harpists
  • Pianists and Keyboard Players
  • Singers and Small Vocal Ensembles
  • Wind Ensembles


For fixing larger ensembles, please contact Elliot for more information.


Contact Elliot on or give him a call on +44 (0)7858 078652 to find your ideal musicians today.


This service is a method of putting clients in touch with musicians, as this is usually one of the hardest parts of finding Musicians to play for events. Musician Fixing Service utilises being on the inside of the Classical Music Industry to suggest professional musicians who are only of the highest standard. 


You should expect all musicians contracted through this service to be employed at Musician's Union standard rates of pay. Expenses should be taken into consideration, and porterage fees may apply for larger instruments such as Harps and Double Basses.