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Session Playing

Elliot has to date played in over 250 hours of studio recording sessions for a wide variety of musical styles and genres working with internationally acclaimed artists. He has a good relationship with label and artist management company CRC Music, recording regularly with their artists.

Elliot also regularly performs live as a backing strings player, including touring 13 European Cities to promote Kitty Daisy and Lewis's 3rd album, performing at the Royal Festival Hall with Whyte Horses and playing at Colston Hall, Bristol with Mt Wolf.

As an instrumentalist with perfect pitch, he is perfectly able to work from the midst of an ensemble to spot inconsistencies and tuning issues that might not always be immediately obvious. Many Composers and Artists that Elliot has worked with have praised this approach as being incredibly helpful to the recording.

Elliot has been booked to both play and manage recordings in various studios and recordings around the country, including multiple sessions at Abbey Road Studios, and SSR Studios Camden.




Elliot is an invaluable asset to a recording session.

He mixes first class musicianship and technical precision with a deep understanding of the producer and composer’s needs, distinguishing himself as a leader who encourages a superior standard among his fellow session musicians.
— - Ezra Axelrod, Songwriter and Composer

Elliot is my first call violist for sessions, and to no surprise!

As well as being a strong leader whilst recording, he has been extremely helpful in contracting other musicians and takes pride in his work. He’s a great guy to work with.
— Mike Ladouceur, Film Composer

Elliot’s enthusiasm, musicality and technical ability have always been impressive when in my sessions. He is willing to experiment and offers useful advice when required.
— Sam Jones, Film Composer

Elliot is an absolute star and a pleasure to work with, not to mention exceptionally musical. He can always be relied upon for a excellent performance, as well as being a great help during the session generally.

Whenever I need a viola player, it is definitely going to be Elliot.
— Phoebe Garratt, Film Composer

Elliot is the first person I contact as soon as I get a session booked. Literally.

Not only is he an incredibly talented musician and an absolute pleasure to work with, but his in-session comments and his assistance in fixing players have become invaluable to me.
— Dmitrios Ntontis, Composer for Film and Media

Elliot is a friendly, enthusiastic and reliable collaborator.

He pairs great music professionalism with a very likeable character. Elliot is very experienced in recording for films, and is always incredibly helpful with the organisation of a recording session.
— Andrea Boccadoro, Composer for Screen

Excellent musicianship, musical sensitivity and a phenomenal work ethic make Elliot my first choice for recording sessions.

He brings versatility as a section player and a soloist and his familiarity with musical idioms and the recording process make him a credit to any session.
— Shane Rutherfoord-Jones, Film and Media Composer



Recording Work

Studio Work: Mt Wolf

Studio Work: Kitty, Daisy and Lewis "The Third" (Analogue Recording)


Alice Watts: Blue Gold

Whyte Horses: Never Took the Time


Solo Playing